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May 16, 2012

Cosmetic vs Natural Beauty!(Essay #2, First Draft)


As you know, there has been always a debate on the natural or cosmetic beauty preferences of people. Well, they might consider the both beauties acceptable. In an essence, some people are felling for natural beauty while the others are going for cosmetic surgery. A lot of wealthy people go for plastic surgery since they can boost their confidence by spending some money. They spend money to fix their nose, enlarge their breasts, have buttocks, have liposuction, or whatever stuff that would improve their physical attributes. If you are one of those people you should keep in mind that there is no guarantee that you would get the features that you like to obtain.  Even when you get what you were looking for, they might not be satisfied by your overall look. For instance, small noses might not be the best fit for big faces. There is always a possibility that something get wrong, which makes you to spend more. So, it is really costly, time consuming, and hard to fix it. Cosmetic surgery might also follow some side effects such as infection, blood clots, and nausea.[1]

Using make-up, and surgeries to enhance people's appearance define cosmetic beauty. On the other hand, natural beauty means the attractiveness that god gave people. Natural beauty seems like just the way people really are. I believe it is when you see a woke-up girl look stunning. With natural beauty, people don't change their appearance artificially. However, it doesn't mean they should not wear makeup, or dress up.

Some slight make-up such as wearing light lipstick or eyeliner could still be considered as natural beauty. In contrast, using so much make-up and getting cosmetic surgery are defined as a cosmetic beauty in my view. People may undergo cosmetic surgeries to look younger, better, and to enhance their look.


I have a friend aged 23 who did a plastic surgery because she didn't like the way she looked. She literally hated her nose and breast. She wanted breast lift and augmentation. She used to wear B cup bra. Her mindset was that small-breasted ladies are less attractive than large ones. She also was always unhappy with her big nose. She almost had lost her self-confidence in communicating with people. It was something that she was thinking about every day. But, when it comes to decide on undergoing surgeries, she was scared to death. One day, she finally thought she is ready to do surgery to fix her nose and breast. After her recovery period, she was extremely happy with the result.  She spent more than $10,000 for her surgeries, but at the end of the day, she thought it was worthwhile since she found her lost self-confidence that never had with her own nose and breast. She had moderate pain, which made her to get off from work almost two weeks. At the moment, Her breast is sturdy, large, and shaped amazingly; and her nose is small one looks like she has never done rhinoplasty.

I have to admit that once, when I was a teenager, I thought about plastic surgery. I wanted a nose job. I have an aquiline nose with a hump on it. I confer my decision with my best friend. She said to me you should never go for plastic surgery unless you have a problem like breathing difficulties. She believed my nose was fitted perfectly on my face. She also gave me an example of a super model named Karolina Kurkova. She brought a magazine with her photo on its cover page. Kurkova was one of the famous lingerie models, Victoria's Secret[2]. She had a roman nose, and a bonny face same as myself. She asked for my opinion about her natural beauty. All of a sudden, I realized that my friend was right.  Natural beauty is far better than undergoing plastic surgeries.

Today, as a young lady aged 23, I believe cosmetic beauty isn't as attractive as natural beauty. In fact, women who are undergoing numerous cosmetic surgeries will be look like porn stars. However, natural beauty is standing out against. It is genuine, fresh, and more importantly not fake. There's something about a natural beauty that looks more smooth and healthy. I think in order to look beautiful, you don't need to spend thousands of dollars. You can spend as low as $10 on skincare and Facial products to enhance your look. Moreover, in the case of buying the wrong products, you can always fix your mistake rapidly and cheaply by replacing them with the new ones.














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[2] http://models.com/models/Karolina-Kurkova


[1] http://models.com/models/Karolina-Kurkova

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