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May 2, 2012



I am an international student at Concordia and there are many foreign students in Montreal.I might say is not easy sometimes to fit in. We are coming from all over the world with our own cultures, different educational background and




Subject: International Students in Montreal, how do they integrate?

I want to write about the reasons why Montreal  attracts to many foreign students and how they integrate?

My subject is specific in the sense that there are a lot of people migrating to Montreal but my focus would be on students. The subject is interesting because one may be interested to know how those young people integrate.


My audience are students Canadian or not, teachers and people interested in how young students integrate in Montreal.

I believe my audience would be interested to know the process of integration that a foreign student can go through

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Excellent topic. It's always best to write about what you know best. I'm sure that you will be able to flesh out a strong essay.

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